South Africa
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Meet another one of our successful independent Justine Consultants:


Lintjie Ryan, a qualified beautician, became an independent Justine Consultant several years ago without an inkling of how much it would change her life. When her husband had a major heart attack preventing him from working, she had to take over the reins and provide for the family. Her income as a beautician was simply not enough.

By 2009, in the midst of the economic downturn, the family was drowning in debt. She had to do something. She found out about Justine’s earning potential and grabbed the opportunity with both hands. A direct selling company that produces cosmetic products specifically for South Africa’s climate, Justine was founded in 1973 and is renowned for its skincare products.


The company is an established force in a direct selling industry that provides an income for more than 1,3 million people who share earnings of over R3,3 billion each year. The industry is one of a few to have shown strong growth in the ensuing economic crisis. Lientjie, with her experience and knowledge of beauty products, was able to exploit the benefits of the industry, growing a loyal client base and steadily increasing her income stream. Within a few months, her income was enough to give the family some breathing room financially. Now, four years later, they are more than just financially stable again. “My business is thriving now and my husband is also better and working again!” she says.

She is currently enjoying sharing her positive experience with other women that she sees struggling. “I love recruiting new consultants and giving them the same opportunity that I was given four years ago!