South Africa
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The Products

Justine is dedicated to skincare and believes that the starting point of beauty lies in the care and maintenance of healthy, radiant skin. With this in mind, Justine has created products which will enable the customer to enhance their own individual beauty through proper skincare.

Combining the best of science and nature, Justine strives to maintain an optimum balance of the finest natural ingredients and the latest advances in cosmetic science,. Natural or naturally derived raw materials have an affinity for your skin.  Blends of the finest herbs such as rosemary, camomile, yarrow and horsetail are combined with wheat germ oil, sweet almond oil, cucumber extracts, honey and a superlative selection of vitamins and other essences to formulate Justine’s progressive and advanced products. 

Justine products are “skin specific”, meaningthey are formulated for all skin types and conditions.  This underlines the Justine philosophy to create products suitable for all races that are also renowned for their superb aesthetics, high level of efficacy and excellent value for money.