South Africa
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Justine, one of South Africa’s premier skincare brands, was founded over 40 years ago in May 1973.

The vision of its two founders, Veronica Devine and Paul Symes, was to launch a range of skincare products specifically designed to deliver tangible benefits in the harsh South African climate and to be formulated on par with the best international brands in the world. The aim was to pioneer and develop a high quality, no-compromise range of natural botanical skincare treatments with elegant, yet inexpensive packaging - combining the very best of nature and science.

There were two motivational factors:

  • Make women financially independent.
  • Educate South African women in skincare and the proper use of cosmetics.

In order for the new company to achieve the above two ideals, the “high touch” person-to-person direct selling method was selected to market the Justine products. Over the years, Justine has afforded women, from all walks of life, employment, training and opportunities for advancement. The company has been instrumental in improving the self-image and social standing of many thousands of women as a result of the income, experience, enhanced skills and knowledge they have gained.

The name “Justine” came as an inspiration from the great classic “The Alexandria Quartet” written by Laurence Durrel. The heroine “Justine” was mysterious, dynamic, strong and determined, but always feminine and alluring.

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